Cat geneticist presents research seminar at HudsonAlpha

William Murphy, PhD, presented for the HudsonAlpha Research Seminars on Wednesday, April 5, in the HudsonAlpha Auditorium. Murphy’s presentation was titled “Insights into X chromosome gene regulation, function, and evolution from interspecific hybrids.”

Murphy is a professor of genetics and ecology and evolutionary biology at Texas A&M University. Murphy’s laboratory studies mammalian phylogenomics, genome evolution and speciation with a focus on the domestic cat and its wild relatives. Recent work focuses on companion animal models of sex chromosome function in reproduction and the evolution of olfactory receptor gene families.

Greg Barsh, MD, PhD, hosted the seminar.

The next research seminar will be at noon on April 12 in the HudsonAlpha auditorium featuring Erik Sacks, PhD, of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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