Building Alabama’s life sciences community

Alabama is fortunate to have leaders who pursue innovative paths for economic development. From Montgomery and Washington, we continue to be represented by strong, steady leadership intent on fortifying and building a life sciences economy. At HudsonAlpha, advances in genomic research, together with the creation of more knowledge-based jobs, prove that the efforts and investments by our officials have been worthwhile.

People across the country are looking for ways to live longer, healthier lives. Our leaders face the challenge of formulating sound policies that positively impact human health while being good stewards of taxpayer money. While the national agenda will always have competing interests, our nation’s most valuable asset is human capital. Advances in human health should always take highest priority. We at HudsonAlpha stand ready to assist our leaders in Washington as they craft new healthcare legislation and improve existing policy.

Currently, we are pursuing opportunities that have arisen from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Grants from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Energy are only two of numerous areas of interest. We are looking across our mission areas of research and educational outreach to find opportunities to leverage our expertise to further Alabama’s biotech economy. More importantly, however, we are looking to foster the groundbreaking discoveries needed by patients across the globe.

Additionally, HudsonAlpha is pursuing partnerships with universities, businesses and other organizations throughout our state. For Alabama to become a national leader in this emerging field, we must collaborate with traditional and non-traditional partners.

Working with Alabama’s business and education leaders along with officials in Montgomery and Washington, HudsonAlpha looks to fulfill a three-fold mission of groundbreaking genomic research, creating new jobs in biotechnology and stimulating young minds through education.