Acclinate Genetics welcomes intern to help address healthcare disparities

Acclinate Genetics is transforming the competitive landscape, while diversifying clinical research 

Huntsville, Ala. – Acclinate Genetics, a Huntsville company with a mission to transform the status quote of clinical research, is excited to announce its first intern, Georgiana Wright.

Georgiana Wright is a sophomore at Alabama A&M University majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Data Science. She currently participates in Google’s Research Mentorship Program, which nurtures her interests in data analytics and machine learning.

Georgiana Wright

Acclinate welcomes her potential and the overall cultivation of her success by offering the development of high flexibility skill sets and the unique opportunity to research pharmaceutical mishaps and pharmacogenetics. This will in turn help with Wright’s goal to one day begin publishing case studies, which can only add to the staging ground efforts of Acclinate.

“I have always had a desire to impact minority populations and address the health disparity concerns that have always existed,” said Wright.

Disparities in health care and clinical research pose a moral and ethical dilemma for society and threaten to restrict efforts to improve the nation’s health. In addition, the health and clinical research professions workforce does not reflect the diversity of the nation.

“It makes sense for us to address the lack of diversity in the clinical research and health care workforce pipeline while ensuring that we diversify clinical research at the same time,” said Acclinate Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tiffany Jordan.

Wright has already assisted Acclinate in activating the Student Ambassador program, which allows other college students who share the company’s passion to be a part of the solution through various opportunities which include volunteering, advocating, educational seminars, hosting events and possible internship opportunities. Additional opportunities will evolve through this program.

Wright is excited to come to work each day on the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, campus.

“The campus is full of innovation and cutting-edge technology and I enjoy being a part of the vibrant HudsonAlpha research community,” she said.

As her journey continues, Wright thrives with the expectation that her efforts will evolve into opportunities in the frontiers of Human Computer Interaction or Artificial Intelligence. After undergrad, she intends to pursue enrollment in either a residency or PhD program in these areas.

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About Acclinate Genetics: Acclinate Genetics was founded with a mission of helping clinical research organizations achieve the most representative research sample by expanding their genomic studies and clinical trials to include diverse ethnic groups. We believe diversifying genomic research and clinical trials to include more people of color increases knowledge about health issues and makes a difference in personalized healthcare for all. 

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