Academic Collaboration

Do you need a collaborator to complete a research project or assistance with  genomic sequencing or analysis? There are a number of ways HudsonAlpha can work with you.

Long-term collaborations and consortiums

Multiple research groups combine resources over a number of years and benefit from working with thought leaders in fields across institutions.

Short-term projects and contract research

Expand your pilot project or get help with trouble-shooting to develop preliminary data for grant submissions.


Work at HudsonAlpha for an extended period to collaborate with our experts and learn more about genomics.


Our researchers can advise you on trouble-shooting, experimental design, data analysis or other projects.

Letter of support

Our genomics services laboratory can perform a number of sequencing assays including whole genome, RNA-seq and other.  Use the form submission to request a letter of support for your project.

Submit the request form

Submit the request form and we will find the appropriate researcher partner for you.