presented by Dr. Neil Lamb, Vice President for Educational Outreach

The human microbiome includes roughly three pounds of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live in and on our bodies. Historically, these microorganisms were viewed as simply passengers taking advantage of free room and board.

Thanks to the power of high-throughput sequencing technology, we are beginning to realize that our microbiome does so much more — influencing our health and risk of disease.

This year's Biotech 201 will explore some of these fascinating microbiome findings. In addition, we'll investigate the growing industry of probiotic and prebiotic supplements and investigate how to learn more about your personal microbiome.

Presentation Handouts

Biotech 201 handouts will be available the Monday prior to each session. The handouts are attached below, and the file name corresponds to the date of the Biotech 201 session. 

Attached is also the Human Microbiome FAQ provided by the American Academy of Microbiology, for your references.


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