Set up a scale model of the human genome at your school and send your students on an App based scavenger hunt. Along the way, they'll learn more about the human genome through clues and fun facts.

Musical PCR

Simulate the process of PCR with simple materials such as tape and a variety of music to model temperature changes that result in copies of DNA.

Timeline Challenge

Investigate key advances in agriculture and biotechnology to solve a real-world agricultural challenge. This free digital resource utilizes the HudsonAlpha Progress of Science Biotechnology Timeline.

Touching Triton®

Set in a 20 year space mission, you're tasked with making medical packing decisions for 6 crew members. Students analyze how risk is influenced by three factors: family history, medical records and genomic profile. Choose wisely and keep the crew healthy.

Viral Sequence Analysis

A set of exercises designed to allow students to tackle a current issue, the COVID-19 pandemic, by learning the skills and computational tools needed to analyze viral sequence data.