This is the HudsonAlpha Style Guide. It is a dynamic document and will be updated as needed. Please refer to this document for questions about words and terms commonly used by HudsonAlpha in materials and on the web. If you have words or terms you feel need to be added for consistent use across the institute please email: This style guide is created and maintained by the HudsonAlpha communications team.

152 acre campus. The mile long helix pathway
2005 HudsonAlpha founded
2008 HudsonAlpha opened
more than 45 biotech companies on campus (as of Jan 2021)
Nov 15, 2015. The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine opened
Alzheimer disease (Alzheimer’s is also correct, but Rick prefers Alzheimer disease)
AGHI The Alabama Genomic Health Initiative
afterschool (adj.); after school
Associate Companies: Bioscience companies located on the campus of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology (they are not “at HA” or are HA companies since they are not owned by HudsonAlpha) (legal). It’s also accurate to say HudsonAlpha resident associate companies (resident implies that they are like a tenant here on campus)
Beyond the Blog, reference together as Shareable Science: Beyond the Blog
BioTrain intern
collaboration instead of partnership or partners (legal request)
Center for Genomic Medicine
Center for Plant Science & Sustainable Agriculture
Chair positions – example M. A. Loya Chair in Genomics or full title Rick Myers, PhD, President and Science Director and M. A. Loya Chair in Genomics at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
clopidogrel bisulfate (brand name Plavix®) With drugs lowercase generic name but cap brand name and put registration or trademark
Codicem official name of SDI’s software. SDI calls it CODI for short but in the media refer to Codicem
Copyright/Registration and Trademarks. If a company is registered or trademarked like iCubate, put ® or ™ on the first mention of the name and then leave off after that. Same with programs like Genome Gateway®. We have a list of registered companies in our team folder. Registration is option r and TM is option 2 on the keyboard and it needs to be superscript and not just full point size. AP style does not use the trademark or copyright symbols so we can leave it out of press releases and stories. Our press releases about iCubate/iRep do have the symbol, but that is because the companies request that we do so. When it comes to materials and publications, the ® or ™ is used from our list.
Crohn’s disease
cutting edge (two words, no hyphen)
Do not say “Dr.,” instead add degree after the name. (Neil Lamb, PhD). At second mention, use last name only (Lamb instead of Neil Lamb, PhD)
de novo –italics when used
Drugs lowercase generic name but cap brand name and put registration or trademark
E. coli –italics when used
Educational Outreach is org not just Education
Faculty Investigators are at HA, Adjunct Faculty w/name affiliation) and Junior Fellows. If the title is listed after the person’s name, then it should lowercased. If the title precedes the individual’s name, then it should be capitalized. (Faculty Investigator, Greg Barsh) Also, if the title is listed as a photo caption or pull quote, it’s fine to capitalize it.
fieldtrip one word
fundraising, fundraiser
gene – italics the name of genes BRCA1 or BRSK2
genetically modified (no hyphen)
Genetic Counselors are CGC Certified Genetic Counselors not genomic counselors/all are certified
Greg Barsh, MD, PhD, Faculty Investigator and Faculty Chair and Smith Family Chair in Genomics
Genome Gateway® (registered)
HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology on first reference; on second reference, HudsonAlpha or the Institute; do not use HudsonAlpha InstituteHudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center (use the HudsonAlpha for name recognition)
Huntington’s Disease
The HudsonAlpha Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the supporting entity for the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.
Tax-deductible contributions to the Foundation are for the sole purpose of advancing the mission of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.
Tax identification #27-2320591 (this copy must accompany any ask for donation)HudsonAlpha Health Alliance, LLC first usage , second reference the Health Alliance
Immunogenomics (the conference)
immunogenomics (the field)
Information is Power Initiative (use italics)
internet (not Internet)

Jane Grimwood, PhD, Faculty Investigator Loretta Purdy Spencer Chair in Genomics

Nothing here yet…

use last names in quotes (said Myers)
mathematics (not math)
Memory and Mobility Program (M&M Program second reference)
Use “more than” and not “over” when referring to numbers like More than 35 associate companies
nonprofit (one word, no hyphen)
North Alabama capitalize North
Numbers Spell out one through nine. Use numerals for 10 and above. Use numeral/word combo for large numbers: 8 million, $350 billion


PhD: Do not say “Dr.,” when the faculty researchers are PhDs and instead add degree after the name. (Neil Lamb, PhD). At second mention, use the last name only (Lamb instead of Dr. Lamb)

Richard Myers, PhD
President and Science Director and M. A. Loya Chair in Genomics at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
This is correct for the most part unless the story/article is meant to be less formal. For instance, in Shareable Science posts or Learners newsletter stories, it’s fine to refer to Neil as Dr. Lamb. And for Rick’s title, include the president and science director. But, if the press release or story is research-related (meaning there was a discovery that came from his lab) include the faculty investigator title. By doing so, it shows that Rick is still involved in research, in addition to leading the Institute.

PhD … or MD, PhD with no periods. Comma after name Neil Lamb, PhD, is an educator. If it is Greg Barsh, MD, PhD, (MD comes before PhD). If someone has a PhD or MD, it needs to be noted. We usually don’t put degrees below PhD like MS or master’s of science but it can be a case by case like CGC on the clinic site to show we have certified genetic counselors. Other collaborators such as UAB like to use the periods so when providing edits to their press releases, we don’t correct it. But when it’s posted on our website, we’ll remove the periods.
Percent. spell out – do not use %
Pharmacogenomics uses information about a person’s genetic makeup to predict their response to certain drugs.
postdoctoral (no hyphen)
italic when the use of a publications eg. Nature
PyxisMap official names of SDI’s software (CODICEM also is used by SDI)

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Richard M. Myers when research-type stories like paper published, something discovered in lab, because there is also another researcher named Rick H. Myers.
Rick Myers when general interest stories (newsletters, local news)
Shareable Science
The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine, LLC is the licensed name use first and then can refer as the after first usage
The Clinical Services Lab, LLC is the licensed name for use first then can refer to as the after first usage
TRF stands for test request form
Titles: lowercase (executive director, vice president, faculty investigator) unless the title comes before the name. Like Faculty Investigator, Greg Cooper.
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)

Vice President for (not of)

website (one word)
when listing a web address (not http, etc) or if we can simplify with no www. when it is understood it is a web address, etc.
HudsonAlpha Wiregrass – use when referencing our overall efforts within the region
HudsonAlpha Wiregrass Campus – use when referencing our (soon to be) physical presence within the Wiregrass Innovation Center and/or space temporarily occupied during construction of the Center
whole genome sequencing not Whole Genome Sequencing or (WGS) or whole exome sequencing (WES)
warfarin (brand name Coumadin® and Jantoven®), a blood-thinning medication often prescribed for people at risk for blood clots or heart attacks

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