From the farm to the market, at the doctor’s office or our daily discussions, biotechnology is all around us. It impacts our lives and influences many of our decisions.

We invite you to ignite your curiosity and join us to explore the cutting-edge genetics and genomics research taking place right here in the Rocket City and beyond. Don’t worry, there’s no science background required. We’ve got that covered!

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Programs and Events

Biotech 101: This free, four-week series is an introduction to the field of biotechnology and the influence of genetics on human health and disease and highlights how biotech affects everyday life.

Biotech 201: The Biotech 201 series is a follow-on course for those who have completed Biotech 101 that explores a different topic in genetics and genomics research each year.

Genomics and Java: Grab your favorite cup, and join in the conversation as HudsonAlpha researchers and industry leaders share their work and its importance to our world.