Our integrated healthcare solutions include:

  • Patient engagement and genetic education
  • Physician genetic education and clinical decision support
  • Genetic test results and interpretation
  • Access to a medical geneticist and genetic counselors
  • Statistical genetic data for healthcare administrators
  • Electronic Health Record integration 

These fully customizable patient programs can provide genetic testing for:

Why HudsonAlpha Health Alliance?

  • The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance is an independent, nonprofit organization with the desire to help groups and their participants get answers that will provide ways to decrease healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.
  • Our team ensures both healthcare providers and patients understand all aspects of genomic test options, results, and actionable next steps.
  • Trusted by scientists, medical providers, and patients around the world, our renowned clinicians and researchers are driven to innovate and incorporate new and improved genomic tests, interpretation software, and genomic education tools into the Health Alliance.
  • The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance is dedicated to providing services that focus on patient care and educating them through their journey.

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