With a talented, readily available workforce, world-class space, strategic location, business friendly environment and a “can-do” attitude, HudsonAlpha and north Alabama should be on the short list for most biotech projects. Drug development, genetic and infectious disease testing companies, bioinformatics and genomics companies have made HudsonAlpha home. Below are some of the ways HudsonAlpha can support site selectors to ensure successful relocations and expansions.

Campus Profile

HudsonAlpha’s 152-acre campus is located in Huntsville, Alabama, a valued part of a key biotech corridor. Within Cummings Research Park, the second-largest research park in the U.S., and the fourth largest in the world, HudsonAlpha advances the fields of genomic sciences, STEM education and workforce, and businesses relating to diagnostics and therapeutics. On the HudsonAlpha campus, substantial discoveries and subsequent applications are occuring in human health and agriculture.

In a city known for pioneering defense, aerospace, engineering and telecommunication companies, HudsonAlpha has diversified the economy, workforce, and reputation as a powerful hub of biotechnology. Leveraging the resources on the biotech campus, entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals have a wealth of skilled, biotech-aware workforce available along with state and local level sponsored incentive packages, customized training, and support services. There are currently more than 40 associate companies taking advantage of all Huntsville, Alabama and the HudsonAlpha campus have to offer.


On behalf of the HudsonAlpha associate companies, the team of economic development professionals have navigated state and local assistance relating to staff expansions, equipment purchases, workforce training, tax incentives, and additional support. Accelerate your business success in a city and state that prioritizes the biosciences and with a team committed to your success.

Available Buildings & Sites

HudsonAlpha manages 500,000 SF in 4 buildings on the 152-acres biotech campus. A mixture of world-class, state-of-the-art laboratory and office spaces, academic research labs and more than 40 biotech companies are colocated and often collaborate. As the individual companies’ needs change, HudsonAlpha can adjust and accommodate to help ensure growth and success. HudsonAlpha offers sites for developing bioscience headquarters, R&D facilities, lab, office, and manufacturing. As part of the HudsonAlpha campus, all resident associate companies receive access to shared spaces and services at no additional cost.

Priority: Life Science Companies

Recruitment and growth within the life sciences industry is a priority for HudsonAlpha. Additionally, and importantly, this is a priority at the state, regional, and local. Targeted business incentives and biotech workforce development are major components of the strategy to bolster this industry.

Connect With Our Team

Ready to find your space, grow your company, and connect with other success-driven biotech companies? Our economic development team is ready to show why more than 45 biotech companies call HudsonAlpha home. HudsonAlpha can accommodate the needs of your company in one of the four buildings on our 152-acre campus. Whether you need a desk, a lab, or a development site, let us know your area of interest and we will help make that happen. Ask a question and request information from Emily now on the lower right of this page.

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