Seminar speaker discusses novel algorithms for sequencing data analysis

HudsonAlpha welcomed Zechen Chong, PhD, as an invited speaker for the Research Seminar series. Dr. Chong is an assistant professor of Genetics and Informatics at Heersink School of Medicine at University of Alabama at Birmingham. He also serves as adjunct faculty at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. HudsonAlpha Faculty Investigator Greg Cooper, PhD, hosted the seminar.

In his talk entitled “Modeling and Analysis of Long-Read Sequencing Data”, Dr. Chong discussed his research focused on developing novel algorithms applied to long-read sequencing data. He described how his research group designed programs to help with meiotic recombination identification, comprehensive structural variant detection, gene fusion detection in cancer, bacterial genome assembly using long-read technology, and evaluation of de novo assembly results.

To learn more about Dr. Chong’s research, visit his website here.

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