Robots That Help

Autonomous and Teleoperated Mobile Autonomous Intelligent Robots for Biotechnology and Health Industries

SavantZ designs and manufactures cutting edge mobile autonomous/teleoperated robots, designed to perform tasks in biotechnology and health industries that humans can’t or shouldn’t. Human scale, humanoid robots capable of operating in human environments. The robots function in hospitals, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, and any environment where hazardous or noxious tasks are better performed by a robot. A micro supercomputer brain is optimized for vision processing and artificial intelligence. SavantZ robots can enter a space, 3D map that space and perform complex tasks such as detailed fomite decontamination without human supervision. Where necessary they can be remotely operated. Safe and secure, they bring a new level of functionality to robots for hazardous functions.

Charles N. Gibb
CEO/Principal Designer

Dianne Thomas Gibb
CFO (acting)

Farbod Fahimi Phd
Senior Robotics Scientist

Lowell D. Jones, Phd
Senior Technical Advisor

All resident associate companies on the HudsonAlpha campus are independently owned and operated.