Patient Education

HudsonAlpha’s genetic counselors provide educational materials and support for Information is Power, a community engagement initiative that offers an opportunity for free or reduced cost genetic cancer risk screening through a collaboration between the HudsonAlpha and biotech company Kailos Genetics

HudsonAlpha’s genetic counseling team members provide educational materials as well as genetic counseling, variant review and genomic report writing for pediatric genomics research projects in HudsonAlpha labs, including the CSER consortium project and an ongoing pediatric genomics expansion project. To learn more about these projects, visit the Pediatric Genomics page.

Genetic counselors from HudsonAlpha provide educational materials for patients at The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine on the HudsonAlpha campus. The counselors also provide training, outreach and other clinic operations. Visit The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine website for more information.