iXpressGenes (iXG) is a bioengineering and synthetic biology company focused on Protein Crystallization Services, Instrumentation and Contract Research.

Products & Services

Instrumentation: iXpressGenes has developed a novel technique for identifying early indications of protein crystallization. This technique is now considered a best practice. The company has developed instrumentation to optimize this important phase of research and drug discovery.

Protein Services: iXG provides contract services and products for proteins and enzymes, from purification to structural determination. The company has exclusive access to microbes from various extreme environments on earth and on the ocean floor. Some of the extracts are producing antimicrobial activity, which has led to an innovative research contract with the Department of Defense.

Research: Scientists at iXG are exploring synthetic biology solutions in the areas of healthcare, environment and defense. Current research is being conducted on crystals grown in microgravity on the International Space Station.

Joseph Ng, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

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