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HudsonAlpha’s Economic Development team strives to advance the collaborative spirit of the Institute’s founders and their passion to speed the transition of discoveries made in the research labs to the marketplace.

The Economic Development Mission is driven toward:

  • Growing the biotech presence on the HudsonAlpha Biotech campus and throughout north Alabama
  • Promoting an environment conducive for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to succeed
  • Commercializing biosciences products
  • Generating economic impact for local, state, regional and national stakeholders. 

HudsonAlpha’s Economic Development team contributes to the success of the Institute by recruiting and relocating start-up, early-stage and established bioscience companies. Additionally, this team provides the resident associate biotech companies support and mentorship to enable business growth and expansion. By mid-2023, HudsonAlpha’s 152 acre campus, will include over 615,000 square feet of laboratory, collaborative, and office space and McMillian Park, with the signature Double Helix pathway. The operations and management of the facilities and the campus fall within the Economic Development purview. Lastly, the Economic Development team is responsible for the local, state and national relationships with the Institute’s governmental and community leaders.


Entrepreneurs  >>

The founders of HudsonAlpha were entrepreneurs themselves and prioritized establishing an entrepreneurial ecosystem. For those ready to move discoveries, breakthroughs or advancements into a new biotech company, HudsonAlpha should be the destination. Click here to explore the ways HudsonAlpha supports entrepreneurs.


Site Selectors  >>

With a talented, readily available biotech workforce, world-class space, strategic location, business friendly environment and a “can-do” attitude, HudsonAlpha should be on the shortlist for biotech projects. Companies active in drug discovery and development, medical devices, diagnostics, genetic and infectious disease testing, bioinformatics, and genomic services call HudsonAlpha home. HudsonAlpha’s Economic Development team stands ready to support site selectors to ensure successful relocations and expansions. Click here for ways HudsonAlpha improves the site selection process.


Associate Companies  >>

The resident biotech associate companies are central to the success of HudsonAlpha. More than 45 biotech companies call HudsonAlpha home. While these companies are all in the bioscience space, some spun out of HudsonAlpha’s research laboratories, and many chose to locate and expand due to the benefits of this unique ecosystem. Regardless of origin, size or speciality, HudsonAlpha’s Economic Development team advocates for the associate companies and supports each company based on their corporate needs and goals.  Click here to learn more about how HudsonAlpha supports associate companies. The current associate companies are listed here.


Campus  >>

HudsonAlpha is an established biotech ecosystem that connects academic research scientists, entrepreneurs, business veterans, educators, the future workforce, and those that are applying the power of genomics to human health and agriculture. This combination leverages specific strengths to make the sum far more valuable than the individual parts. Click here to learn more about the HudsonAlpha Biotech campus.