Posters accepted through August 31, 2019.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share important new knowledge with your colleagues, furthering the field of immunogenomics while increasing your visibility as a participating member of the scientific community. Accepted presenters’ abstracts will be given space in our Immunogenomic poster sessions.

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Fax and/or hardcopy (paper) are not accepted. There is no additional charge to submit an abstract.

Abstract Selection
You will be notified via email within 5 business days of submittal of your abstract whether the organizing committee chairs approved for your poster to be displayed in the poster viewing section at the conference.

HudsonAlpha reserves the right to reject or alter abstracts based on size limitations, inappropriate content, excessive text length and those that fall outside the topical scope of the conference.

Selected posters should be displayed in portrait style and should not exceed AO size: 33.1 inches (84.1cm) wide x 46.8 inches (118.9cm) high.