Letter of Invitation Request Form

The Organizing Committee is offering assistance should you need a Letter of Invitation to facilitate the visa application process or to show proof of attendance. Expect a reply within approximately 48 hours.

Letters of invitation will be sent via EMAIL ONLY. A hard copy of the letter will not be mailed. According to the U.S. State Department, an electronic letter should be acceptable for visa purposes. In the rare case where the U.S. Embassy insists on having a hard copy, we can mail one, upon request

** Please answer all questions and use the PREVIEW button to check the accuracy of information carefully (especially the Passport ID Number) before submitting **  Incorrect information may hinder or delay your letter, and visa application.

Please wait before hitting the SUBMIT button multiple times, and check if you have received a confirmation via email.

If you continue to have trouble submitting the form, please Download Letter of Invitation Request Form PDF to your hard drive, fill out completely, and then email to Jazmine Robinson at jrobinson@hudsonalpha.org.

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