The International Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics Conference encourages scientists to present and discuss preliminary data prior to scientific publication. Presentation of research findings is a major factor for the success of the conference. In order to maintain conference integrity and participation, we stress that information presented here should be treated as preliminary work and out of respect for the authors, should only be used with the authors’ permission. In order to maintain the high quality of the conference we would like to inform all attendees of the following policies:

– We ask that new information obtained at this conference will not be used, for either research or commercial purposes, without permission from the authors.

– The abstracts in the abstract book cannot be cited.

– Publication of studies presented here in peer-reviewed journals is of course highly encouraged.

Breaches of confidentiality and common sense ethics will ultimately interfere with the pre-publication free flow of information and discussion expected of our conference and endangers the spirit of the conference.

We all thank you for your understanding and attention to this matter.

The Scientific Organizing Committee

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