HudsonAlpha Faculty Investigator Named to Medical Advisory Board of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama

Huntsville, AL – HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Faculty Investigator Sara Cooper, PhD is one of the newest members named to the Medical Advisory Council of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA). 

“The addition of Dr. Cooper reflects the BCRFA’s intentional expansion of the council to enhance our efforts to fund the most promising breast cancer research across the state,” said Wright Wiggins Rouse, Marketing and Communications Director of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama.

 Cooper, along with the nine other council members, will have the responsibility of reviewing funding requests, making sure the science is sound, and BCFRA investments have the maximum impact.

“I am honored that BCRFA asked me to participate in their Medical Advisory Council,” Dr. Cooper said. “I am excited to help bring more opportunities for breast cancer research across Alabama.”

Cooper’s research focus is on understanding the mechanisms of cancer pathology, progression and chemoresistance, in an effort to help personalize cancer diagnosis and treatment. Her lab at HudsonAlpha focuses on the identification of biomarkers of and novel targets to prevent cancer chemoresistance, the importance of immune response in cancer and the discovery of new genes that predispose individuals to cancer. “Opportunity to support researchers working to improve diagnosis and care for breast cancer patients,” Cooper added.

 The BCRFA is a nonprofit foundation funding the leading breast cancer research happening in and across Alabama.

“The Medical Advisory Council members are BCRFA’s boots on the ground within the medical community,” said Beth Davis, BCRFA President and CEO. “They are megaphones at their respective research institutes, spreading the word about our mission and encouraging investigators who are focusing on breast cancer to pursue BCRFA funding.”

Cooper starts her term this month. 

She also shares her research on HudsonAlpha’s podcast, Tiny Expeditions. Listen to our latest episode: “When cells kill: understanding cancer” for more on her work:

About the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama

Founded in 1996, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to find a cure for breast cancer by funding promising breast cancer research in Alabama and raising community awareness and funding for that research. BCRFA funds promote a comprehensive approach to battling breast cancer by fueling collaborative and innovative research to help diagnose, treat, prevent, and eradicate the disease. Thanks to generous community support, BCRFA’s lifetime investment in life-saving research totals over $12 million. All funding stays in Alabama, but the impact is worldwide. Learn more about our mission and breakthroughs at

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