HudsonAlpha announces publication of the annual biotechnology guidebook

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology announces the publication of its annual guidebook, Biotechnology Discoveries and Applications: Extensions to High School Science Curriculum.

The annual guidebook is part of HudsonAlpha’s commitment to providing life science educators with updated content that is often “too new for textbooks.” Each year, the Educational Outreach team reviews hundreds of research findings to identify those most relevant to high school science courses. Those discoveries are then distilled into student-friendly language that easily fits into classroom discussions.

“In spite of the pandemic, scientific research continues to break new ground in agriculture, human health and other bioscience fields, said Neil Lamb, PhD, HudsonAlpha Vice President for Educational Outreach. “This year’s guidebook includes more than four dozen discoveries in these areas from the past twelve months.”

The guidebook provides summaries of recent advances in genetics and biotechnology, including research breakthroughs from the Institute’s faculty investigators, for educators to inspire genomic awareness in their students. This resource is made freely available, in both print and digital form, for hundreds of life science educators across the state of Alabama and beyond.

The 2019-20 Biotechnology Guidebook is also available online for the public. To access the latest edition, click here.