Genetic Health Delivery

Genome Gateway is a HIPAA-compliant portal designed for program coordinators, patient-participants, and medical providers participating in HudsonAlpha Health Alliance programs. The portal is optimized to give providers genomic test options, results, and actionable next steps. The platform can be accessed by program coordinators to view summary statistics for Health Alliance programs, by patients to view and learn about their genomic test results, and by medical providers to order tests and view results with the clinical decision support of the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine behind them.

Genetic Software

The HudsonAlpha Strategic Software group develops and uses computer applications to analyze genomic and clinical datasets to support the interpretation of genomic data. For example, CODICEM is a clinical software tool for the interpretation of whole genome sequencing data. Working hand-in-hand with HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology researchers and clinicians, the Institute’s software engineering team developed CODICEM to streamline and expedite genetic variant analysis and interpretation. This technology can identify mutations that are responsible for rare and common diseases, predict the likelihood of future disease development, and help identify which drugs or therapies will work best for individual patients.

Software Engineering

As a trusted advisor to HudsonAlpha, the software engineering team develops innovative solutions to advance the research missions of HudsonAlpha. For example, they create and deliver exceptional technology solutions to physicians to help bring genomic health to patients. Driven by the mission of advancing the technology of genomics, the HudsonAlpha Software Engineering team is developing the tools to apply the massive amount of data from genome sequencing to healthcare at a scale and scope not previously appreciated.