Genomic Education

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance is using the power of genomic medicine to help deliver innovative solutions to advance your group’s health. Some of the education materials we have available are as follows:

Learn more about genomics and its increasing relevance to clinical practice and earn continuing education credits at Genomics & Your Practice. This series highlights intersections between genomics and medicine across multiple specialties using real-world case scenarios to frame discussion.

Participants in the Genomics & Your Practice foundational course learn how to:

  • Assess case-based scenarios involving a spectrum of clinical genomics applications for diagnostic, treatment, ethical, legal and social implications
  • Apply genetic/genomic terminology and basic concepts in the clinical care setting.
  • Create a network of healthcare providers interested and engaged in genomics-driven medicine
  • Integrate existing genomics resources relevant to clinical practice.

Healthcare providers who take the course are able to receive continuing education credits. Contact Kelly East, CGC for information about the next Genomics & Your Practice event at

Biotech Basics

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology has shared the stories of genomic research with educators and learners for more than a decade. Each key technology or application is designed to help each of us understand biotechnology basics and the tools and technologies that improve quality of life. From “Gene Editing” to “Understanding the Human Genetic Sequence,” Biotech Basics is a great source of educational information.

Genomic Medicine Conference

Held bi-annually on the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology campus, Genomic Medicine Conference brings together scientists, health care providers and the community to learn about how genomics is being applied in a variety of clinical settings and how to understand and use genomic information to improve health care.

The Annual Guidebook

Genetics, genomics and biotechnology are fast-paced and ever-changing fields with new discoveries occurring every day. To help educators stay up to date on these discoveries and learn how to bring them into the classroom, the HudsonAlpha Education Outreach team publishes an annual Biotechnology Guidebook. This Guidebook includes articles on foundational concepts as well as descriptions of new research discoveries. All articles are linked to the Alabama Course of Study for high school biology, genetics, AP biology, and technical education courses. These can easily be integrated with similar course objectives from other states and systems.

Each year the Guidebook is updated with new findings and applications, providing teachers and medical professionals a quick way to stay up to date and incorporate the latest research into classroom discussions.

Other Genetic and Genomic Resources


The Health Alliance has videos like what is “Whole Genome Sequencing” and other resources on Vimeo.

Patient Education

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology has resources for Patient Education.

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