Genome Gateway provides a place where program coordinators, patient-participants, and medical providers can access information, learn and securely store genomic test results. Clinical decision support and high-quality educational resources provide genomic results in a context that makes sense. Genome Gateway is optimized to give providers genomic test options, results, and actionable next steps.

This HIPAA compliant platform can be accessed by program coordinators to view summary statistics for HudsonAlpha Health Alliance programs, by patients to view genomic test results and manage their data securely, and by medical providers to order tests and view results with the clinical decision support of the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine behind them.

Program Coordinators

Can access data about the status of their HudsonAlpha Health Alliance program using Genome Gateway. Coordinators can invite new participants and give up to the minute reports on group participation including how many tests have been ordered, the percentage of contract remaining, and the progress of the program over time.

Patients and Program Participants

Can access their data supported by high quality educational resources using Genome Gateway. Tests, screenings and medications are all stored in one place with access at any time. The patient controls access to their own data and can feel secure knowing their genomic data is in a secure location. The data can be reinterpreted over time as new gene discoveries are made.

Medical Providers

Can access their patients’ data using Genome Gateway. Tests, screenings and medications are all stored in one place with access at any time. The medical provider can be confident in returning genomic test results with clinical decision support provided by the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine. Providers can also order tests and screenings directly through Genome Gateway and access valuable genomic education material relevant to their practice. The platform is optimized to give providers genomic test options, results and actionable next steps.

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance is using the power of genomic medicine to help deliver innovative solutions to advance your group’s health. Genome Gateway is just one of those tools. 

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