What is Genomic Testing?

The human genome is a blueprint of the DNA unique to each individual. Through a simple test ordered by a physician, pharmacist or other healthcare provider, genetic testing provides genomic data and analysis to your healthcare provider to improve health through diagnostic and eventually preventive care.


Genetic tests offered through the HudsonAlpha Health Alliance include:

  • Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing →
  • Population Health Screening Array →
  • Medication Genetic Testing →
  • Tumor Sequencing/TSO500 (COMING SOON)

Genetic Interpretation

The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab, LLC provides genomic sequencing services for the HudsonAlpha Health Alliance. Using the most advanced sequencing technology and a clinically validated pipeline for interpretation, this CLIA-certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), and CAP-accredited lab (College of American Pathologists) serves a key role in the identification of variants involved in the development of certain diseases. The HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab provides the highest-quality genome testing and interpretation for patients.

Clinical Decision Support

Our team of experienced clinical lab and diagnostic professionals, genetic counselors and knowledgeable genomic educators ensure both healthcare providers and patients understand all aspects of genomic test options, results and actionable next steps.

Supported by our team of:

  • Board-certified genetic counselors
  • PharmD
  • Clinical Geneticist
  • Genomic Educators provide a full suite of information for patients and providers.
  • Experienced analysts and informaticists.

Privacy & Security

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance’s lab (the HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab, LLC) is HIPAA compliant. The patient is in control of their genomic data. The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance does not sell an individual’s genomic data to third parties. For more information on data and sample storage, contact the Health Alliance at 888.528.3694.

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance does not endorse or prescribe drugs, diagnose patients or recommend therapy.

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