An Opportunity to Revolutionize Point-of-Care Decision Making

Infection diagnosis currently takes 1-3 days to detect. With the ever-increasing number of super bugs and new pathogens infecting humans and animals worldwide, there is an urgent need for a portable, on-site rapid diagnostic that also reports antibiotic resistance/sensitivities.

GeneCapture has validated its proprietary breakthrough solution: CAPTURE™ technology to solve this pressing need and developed a portable medical device to rapidly identify pathogens causing infections in humans. Currently functioning in an automated prototype, with results in an hour, the system identifies highly specific pathogenic DNA/RNA signatures using an inexpensive disposable plastic cartridge. This rapid genetic matching technique has many applications in healthcare, environmental testing, food safety, and bio-warfare identification.

Our mission is to bring ‘infection detection’ out of the lab and directly to the patient location whether that’s at a doctor’s office, an airport, a cruise ship, or a battlefield.

Peggy Sammon
CEO, Founder

Krishnan Chittur, PhD, CTO
Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Greg Thompson
Chief Operation Officer

Paula Koelle
Chief Scientist

Valentine Korman, PhD

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