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The HudsonAlpha Genome Engineering Lab is an expert source for rapid genome engineering and characterization. Using the Onyx® Platform, we can help you quickly design and generate CRISPR-edited cell libraries with thousands of edits across the genome.

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Protein and Nucleic Acid Production
Protein Engineering and Optimization
Commodity and Speciality Chemical Production

Why choose HudsonAlpha Genome Engineering Lab

  • Faster than traditional plasmid-based editing 
  • Engineer thousands of diverse genome-wide edits at once
  • Full-service genome engineering and sequencing analysis 
  • Iterative engineering cycles 
  • Greater strain improvement in a shorter time

Our Pipeline & Process

Microorganisms are increasingly used as cellular factories for biosynthesizing drugs and therapeutic proteins, sustainable alternatives to animal products, and other commodities like fuel, fragrances, and flavorings. Engineering microbes to produce specific biomolecules is challenging, expensive, and often time-consuming. Some of the challenges in biomanufacturing include low expression, enzyme degradation, misfolding, secretion issues, and inactivity.

Iterative genome engineering cycles can help you reach your strain improvement goals quicker. The GEL pipeline can facilitate genome-wide engineering, targeted pathway construction and optimization, enzyme engineering and evolution, the extension of substrate scope, and metabolic robustness improvement.

Using the Onyx Platform® as the backbone for its pipeline, the HudsonAlpha Genome Engineering Lab (GEL) can help you achieve your strain optimization and engineering goals. We offer our expertise throughout the engineering process– from rational genome edit design to the delivery of a pool of edited cells specialized to meet your synthetic biology goals.

Prior to genome editing, our experts can sequence your microbial strain, engineer in heterologous genes, characterize your custom strain for genome engineering and rationally design the first pool of genome-wide edits. The GEL pipeline offers several services after the Onyx Platform has produced pools of edited cells, including Illumina sequencing and barcode analysis, pool outgrowth, robotic colony picking, and whole genome sequencing to identify edits.

Our Services

Experimental design strategy
Customer Strain Engineering Assessment
Heterologous Gene Insertion
Design Pool of Genetic Edits
Onyx Platform Run
Robotic Colony Picking into 96 well plates
Illumina Assessment Sequencing
Pool Outgrowth and Storage
Whole Genome Edit Identification Sequencing

About The Onyx® Platform:

Onyx is an automated genome engineering platform designed by Inscripta to simplify, accelerate, and ensure you achieve the most robust strain optimization. The fully integrated solution automates and reduces the variation of laboratory aspects of CRISPR editing and cuts strain engineering time by as much as half when compared to traditional methods.

Director of Genome Engineering Lab

Eric Mendenhall, PhD, serves as the Director of the HudsonAlpha Genome Engineering Lab. Mendenhall is also a HudsonAlpha Senior Fellow. His current research focuses on defining the function of regulatory regions of the genome and understanding how variation in DNA can alter gene regulation to produce phenotypes and uncover novel traits.

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