February birthday celebration

This Wednesday, 2/24/16, is our monthly HudsonAlpha Birthday Celebration at 2:30pm in the Lounge! A drawing will be held for those employees who attend. The winners will receive a special prize ($10 gift cards). Below is the list of February birthdays. See you there!


Month Birth Day First Name Last Name Home Department Description
February 1 David Watson Finance
February 2 Drew Daniel Legal Affairs & Compliance
February 5 Dasi Price Educational Outreach
February 10 Benjamin Weaver G. Cooper Lab
February 11 Adriana De Los Rios Executive VP
February 11 Nancy Westfall Research Affairs
February 13 Kimberly Hobbs Absher Lab
February 16 Brandon Wilk Worthey Informatics Lab
February 17 Julie Anderson Worthey Informatics Lab
February 18 Brent Kennamer Genomic Services Lab
February 19 Jenell Webber Genome Sequencing Center
February 21 Graham Kirchner Advancement
February 21 Jeremy Harris Worthey Informatics Lab
February 22 Donna Brown Clinical Services Lab
February 25 Drew Partridge Myers Lab
February 25 Madelene Loftin Educational Outreach
February 26 Marie Kirby Myers Lab



Also, below is the list of upcoming March birthdays! Please give a big shout out “Happy Birthday” to those with a birthday during the coming month.


Month Birth Day First Name Last Name Home Department Description
March 4 Kathy Rader President
March 5 Lori Boston Genome Sequencing Center
March 6 Michael Speigle Finance
March 6 Ming Tsai Genome Sequencing Center
March 7 Jun Song Absher Lab
March 10 Avinash Sreedasyam Genome Sequencing Center
March 10 Michelle Scott Operations
March 11 Nicole Mertz Educational Outreach
March 12 Jana Whittle G. Cooper Lab
March 15 Matt Stringer Operations
March 16 Sara Cooper S. Cooper Lab
March 17 Florencia Behn Research Affairs
March 21 Krysta Engel Myers Lab
March 21 Scott Cechovic IT
March 22 Joe Lazar Jacob Lab
March 24 Richard Myers President
March 25 Cynthia House Organizational Development
March 27 Daniel Savic Myers Lab
March 31 Michele Farmer Communications/Marketing
March 31 Ryne Ramaker S. Cooper Lab