Lab Updates

Josh and Walid inspecting peanut plants in the Kathy L. Chan Greenhouse on HudsonAlpha’s campus.

Last year, we planted hundreds of peanut plants by hand using a post hole digger. We have stepped up our game this year thanks to our new tractor.

Through the Wiregrass PEANUT Project, students use genomic information to help breed peanut varieties that will thrive in the Wiregrass region. This is one of the peanut lines the students selected for further breeding.

Research Associate Patricia San Martin and Walid Korani, PhD, setting up an automated drought phenotype assay the lab is developing.

The biannual HudsonAlpha Research Report encapsulates the latest accomplishments and discoveries by HudsonAlpha researchers. The report covers work contributing to the future of our community and our planet in the areas of human health, plant science, and foundational research.

Dr. Clevenger joined Tiny Expeditions co-hosts Sarah and Chris in “Peanuts for the future: how students are collaborating to improve the legume we love,” to talk about a novel collaboration between education and research that is creating a meaningful training experience for students in the Wiregrass region of south Alabama.

Everyday DNA is HudsonAlpha’s bimonthly blog that takes you inside the science behind HudsonAlpha’s discoveries. In this article, you’ll learn all about aflatoxin and how the research in Dr. Clevenger’s lab aims to create peanuts that are resistant to aflatoxin.