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Jane Grimwood, PhD

Genomic resource development for plants

Jane Grimwood, PhD, joined the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology as a faculty investigator in 2008. As a co-director of the Genome Sequencing Center, Grimwood focuses on sequencing, finishing and genome improvement of a wide variety of eukaryotic genomes – including plants, fungi and vertebrates. She earned her PhD in microbiology from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, followed by postdoctoral training at the University of Oxford, Dartmouth College, and the University of San Francisco. In 2000, Grimwood was a senior scientist at the Stanford Human Genome Center where she and her group were responsible for finishing and performing quality analysis on the 320 million base pairs of human chromosomes 5, 16 and 19, comprising more than 10 percent of the human genome. In 2022, Grimwood was named Loretta Purdy Spencer Chair in Genomics.

1996-2000 Postdoctoral Training in Genomics, University of California, San Francisco

1994-1996 Postdoctoral Training in Cell Biology, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH

1992-1994 Postdoctoral Training in Cell Biology, University of Oxford, UK

1992 PhD in Microbiology, University of Leeds, UK

1988 BS in Agricultural Zoology, University of Leeds, UK

2008-Present Faculty Investigator, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

2012-Present Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biology, University of Alabama in Huntsville

2000-2008 Senior Scientist, Stanford Human Genome Center, Stanford University School of Medicine

2022-present Loretta Purdy Spencer Chair in Genomics

2021 Women in Cotton Biotechnology and Genetics Award

2020 Yellowhammer 2020 Woman of Impact

2019 Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher

2018 Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher

2016 Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher

2014 Thomson-Reuters Highly Cited Researcher

The Genomic Sequencing Center is supported in part by the Department of Energy (DE-AC02-05CH11231, DE-AR0000594, DE-SC0014156), the National Institutes of Health (R01HD080708), the National Science Foundation (1444533, 1444552, 1546867), the US Department of Agriculture (2016-51181-25408), the Peanut Foundation (04-852-16), The American Chestnut Foundation, Cotton, Inc., and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (OPP1129063). The content of this website is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the sponsors.

Recent News

September 21, 2022
Two HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology faculty investigators were awarded a grant from the Muscular Dystrophy Association for their project, “Long-read sequencing to diagnose neuromuscular disorders.” 
September 12, 2022
HudsonAlpha researchers were part of a team that sequenced the first full-length genome of the Ceratopteris richardii fern species.  Ferns have large genomes, containing one of the highest chromosome counts of any plant. A team o...
January 31, 2022
HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology announced that faculty member and co-director of the HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center Jane Grimwood, PhD, has been appointed as the Loretta Purdy Spencer Chair in Genomics. The new cha...
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