The founders of HudsonAlpha established an entrepreneurial mindset even before the doors of the first building opened. If you are ready to move your discovery, breakthrough or advancement into a new biotech company, HudsonAlpha is the place to make it happen. Below are just a few of the areas that HudsonAlpha supports entrepreneurs.

Commercialization Support

Ready to join a campus with a team dedicated to helping your company succeed? HudsonAlpha’s associate companies are offered opportunities to increase capital and strategic growth. Ask subject matter experts critical questions including approaches to accessing capital, business operations, assessing intellectual property and commercial viability of a product, navigating regulatory environments, seeking and securing partnerships, and developing and executing exit strategies.

Locate Your Startup

Ready to find your space, grow your company, and connect with like-minded professionals? To start, do you need a workstation, lab or a development site? Once we know some of your basic needs, then let us work with you to reach your scientific and corporate goals.

Lab & Office Space

Ready to join a Biotech Campus with world-class, state-of-the-art laboratory and office spaces? HudsonAlpha’s bioscience campus provides competitive advantages for success, whether you are starting a new company, growing an existing company, or seeking manufacturing or research and development locations.

Navigate Mentor Program

Ready to take the next step to greater success? At HudsonAlpha, we understand that success is rarely achieved alone. That’s the reason we established the Navigate Mentor Program. Whether you are launching your first start-up or your fifth, Navigate mentors can provide advice specific to your needs and goals.

Collaborative Culture

Entrepreneurial Culture

Ready to join a team of companies who share your dedication to scientific advancements? At HudsonAlpha, we believe working together results in the rapid translation of discoveries to market. The founders of HudsonAlpha were serial entrepreneurs and created a physical space for collaboration. The HudsonAlpha ethos, however, consists of men and women supporting each other to reach goals that are larger and more meaningful than any one person can achieve alone. The leadership of the resident associate companies has differing operational and corporate goals but each only needs a short time to experience and acclimate to the culture that has made HudsonAlpha successful.

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