Planning your legacy – the power to touch millions

How your planned gift can make a significant impact

Over the next 20 years, the philanthropy world is poised to see a considerable opportunity as the Baby Boomer generation passes on its wealth. It is estimated that approximately $30 trillion in assets is expected to transfer to the next generation. It is important to ask yourself: What will be my legacy? Your planned gift to the HudsonAlpha Foundation can play a key role in creating a brighter future for you, your children and generations to come.

“I believe it is important that everyone consider legacy planning as a part of their estate plan,” said Chris Hinson, Estate and Trust Attorney/Hinson & Hinson, P.C. “This consideration will be different for each person, and is part of deciding whether to leave a remaining estate to family, charity, or a combination of both. Although leaving funds to family helps the next generation and family members who need assistance, contributing to organizations like HudsonAlpha supports not only your family, it provides much needed assistance to many other families as well. Charitable planning is a wonderful and satisfying way to leave a legacy that supports many individuals and families far beyond your immediate family, allowing you to leave a positive legacy for our community.”

By strategically and creatively planning your long-term planned giving, you can help drive HudsonAlpha’s cutting-edge research and innovative education programs well into the future, fueling life-changing and lifesaving discoveries that will benefit your children, their children and generations to come.

Planned gifts are more important than ever to ensure the HudsonAlpha’s long-term success and vitality. They could also provide significant tax benefits — even income — to you and your family. A number of creative vehicles are available for philanthropists who wish to extend their commitments to HudsonAlpha beyond their lifetime while taking advantage of significant tax benefits today.

HudsonAlpha Double Helix Society

While strengthening our future steeped in science and technology, we continue to evolve Huntsville as a city of discovery and success. You can rest assured that your philanthropic dollars will be used to advance research to combat devastating diseases, provide innovative educational programs and develop lifesaving medical care through genomics. Please consider making HudsonAlpha a part of your legacy.

Qualifying gifts include, but are not limited to:

  • Bequests
  • Gifts of property
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Insurance policy designation

The Double Helix Society was formed in 2015 to recognize donors who include the HudsonAlpha Foundation in their estate or long-term gift planning. These supporters are in many ways the foundation of HudsonAlpha’s future. As a member of the Double Helix Society, you give us the opportunity to thank and recognize you today even though it may be years before your gifts are realized.

Membership benefits include:

  • Name on Double Helix Society wall
  • Annual Double Helix Society luncheon
  • Naming opportunities available for irrevocable gifts

John and Ona Hamilton joined the Double Helix Society earlier this year. “Our own close family and those of our friends have experienced many of the diseases that HudsonAlpha is working to cure including breast cancer and Alzheimer. If our giving to HudsonAlpha’s research eases just a little of this suffering, it will have been worth it,” they said.

For questions about planned giving, please contact your financial attorney or estate attorney.

If you have named, or plan to name, the HudsonAlpha Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate, we’d love to know about it so we can include you in our Double Helix Society. Simply call 256-327-9434 to speak with Karen Petersen, Director of Annual and Planned Giving. You may also email her at [email protected].