Memory and Mobility (M&M) Fund research for neurological diseases underway

HudsonAlpha researchers sequencing Alzheimer Project samples 

Nearly one out of every seven households in the United States is affected by a neurological disorder like Alzheimer, Parkinson or Huntington disease. Yet these devastating diseases that cause the progressive loss of memory, mobility or both have no cure, and some are impossible to even predict.

HudsonAlpha understands that all neurodegenerative diseases are interconnected—as interconnected as the nervous system itself. Finding answers about one disease may lead to answers about many of them. That’s why the HudsonAlpha Foundation established the Memory and Mobility (M&M) Fund.

Impacting Alzheimer disease

One dimension of the fund is HudsonAlpha’s Impacting Alzheimer Disease initiative. Our unique study will provide a valuable and unprecedented dataset for Alzheimer disease research. Through your generous support so far, we have been able to begin this project to identify new causes, explore early detection methods and discover new therapeutic approaches.

“We know there is a significant genetic component to Alzheimer and related dementias,” said Rick Myers, PhD, president and science director of HudsonAlpha. “Now, we can truly begin to explore those root causes and search for new therapies and prevention strategies.”

To date, the HudsonAlpha labs have begun processing and sequencing over a thousand samples. In addition, HudsonAlpha is partnering with Erik Roberson, MD, PhD, through the UAB Memory Disorders Clinic and the Kirklin Clinic. The collaboration is investigating a different set of patients with early-onset Alzheimer disease. This component of the project has enormous momentum and is showing promise within the overall research initiative.

Local fraternity contributes to M&M Fund

Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at UAH hosted its second annual “Drive out Alzheimer” golf tournament that raised funds for the HudsonAlpha Foundation M&M Fund. The event was created because Eli Sarnecki, a junior at the time, wanted to raise money in honor of his grandparents, one of whom has Alzheimer and the other ALS. Several fraternity members recently visited HudsonAlpha to make the donation of more than $2,500.

We still need your help

Your generosity to this campaign is astounding. Thank you for your leadership and past support, but as you know, our work with neurodegenerative diseases isn’t done. We are making progress, but to continue these important projects, we need your help. Please consider supporting the M&M fund to help us to pursue the answers for our families. Visit for more information and to donate to HudsonAlpha’s Impacting Alzheimer Disease initiative.