Information is Power: Breast and ovarian cancer screening initiative

HudsonAlpha launched a unique program called Information is Power at the 7th annual Tie the Ribbons breast and ovarian cancer fundraising event. The initiative is a year-long genetic cancer risk testing initiative.   

The initiative offers free genetic breast and ovarian cancer risk testing to all 30-year old women in the cities of Huntsville and Madison, and in Madison County, for one year. Adults 19 or older living in Madison County and surrounding Alabama counties can take the same test for a discounted rate of $99.

If you are over 19 years old and live in Madison, Morgan, Marshall, Jackson or Limestone Counties in Alabama, you can order a free or discounted genetic testing kit until October 29, 2016.

“This is a groundbreaking initiative that has the possibility of providing access to information that can be life saving,” said Kimberly Strong, PhD, HudsonAlpha Faculty Investigator.

In 2015, over 600 test results were processed. As predicted, most people were negative for the known gene mutations related to increased risk. However, the initiative has already identified multiple participants who are positive for a gene mutation in one of the 23 genes tested, including several people who did not have a known family history of cancer.

Madison County is the first community to offer this type of free testing for all women who are 30 years old regardless of family history.


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