HudsonAlpha hosts Spring Benefit for genomic medicine

HudsonAlpha hosted its annual Spring Benefit April 27. Howard Jacob, PhD, executive vice president for genomic medicine at HudsonAlpha delivered the keynote address.

“I joined HudsonAlpha’s dynamic team of researchers because I knew we had the same goal: bringing whole genome sequencing to the forefront of personalized medicine,” said Jacob. “In doing so, we’ve opened Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine, provided diagnoses to nearly 150 families through Dr. Cooper’s research program, and launched the Insight Genome for adults interested in unlocking the secrets of their genetic code. Now, I challenge this community to bring genomic medicine to more patients and more people.”

Proceeds from the 2017 Spring Benefit will help HudsonAlpha grow its genomic medicine program and improve human health.

Interested in exploring your own genome? Check out the Insight Genome program offered through the Smith Family Clinic

There are also naming opportunities available at the Smith Family Clinic. To view the opportunities, go to If you would like to make a financial contribution to HudsonAlpha’s genomic medicine program, please visit