HudsonAlpha Educational Outreach programs build genomics literacy and awareness

Live webcast of popular public outreach series available

For the last 10 years, HudsonAlpha’s Educational Outreach team has offered a free public education resource with their Biotech seminars. At Biotech 101, attendees learn how biotechnology affects everyday life and the influence of genetics on human health and disease.

The Biotech 201 series is a follow-on course for those who have completed Biotech 101. The course is offered each February as four weekly sessions. Each year’s Biotech 201 explores a different topic in genetics and genomics research. The 2019 seminar kicks off February 5 at 6:30 pm with a dive into the human microbiome. In person seating is full, but you can view previous seminars here.

Shareable Science blog explores the world of genomics

Did you ever want to learn more about genetic ancestry? What about the genetics of your Thanksgiving meal? Last fall, Neil Lamb, PhD, vice president for Educational Outreach, launched Shareable Science, a blog aimed at bringing genomics education to the public.

The blog details some of the latest conversations happening in the field of genomics today. It covers everything from ongoing research to ethical debates over the use of genomics in society.

“Serious science can be entertaining, comical and even whimsical. It can also tug at our emotions, challenge our viewpoints and open our eyes to the wonder of life,” explained Dr. Lamb. “I love sharing those stories.”

Dr. Lamb is passionate about exploring the world of genomics with the public to help build genomic literacy and awareness. You can check out Shareable Science here.