Groundbreaking at 800 Hudson Way: The Paul Propst Center for Precision Medicine

RendrrrrHudsonAlpha is growing. The Institute broke ground on a new building at 800 Hudson Way in December. The Paul Propst Center for Precision Medicine focuses on the development and delivery of personalized care specific to the individual. Precision medicine utilizes genomic science — reading an individual’s DNA code — to identify the most beneficial and appropriate care for that individual.

Huntsville philanthropist and businessman William “Bill” Self Propst, Sr. made a generous donation to HudsonAlpha’s work in the area of precision medicine. The Center is named in honor and memory of his father Paul, who was a minister in North Alabama.

“HudsonAlpha is leading the way in precision medicine and I am honored to have the opportunity to support such cutting-edge research that is happening right here in Huntsville,” said Propst.

The 100,000 square foot building will foster job growth of several new and expanding life sciences companies, and also will house components of HudsonAlpha’s research, Educational Outreach, genomic medicine and informatics programs.

The building itself is made possible by the State of Alabama. Gov. Robert Bentley said HudsonAlpha is a key player in job creation and research and discovery in Alabama, and 800 Hudson Way will continue to strengthen Alabama’s position in the life sciences.

“HudsonAlpha serves as a vital asset to Alabama’s strategic economic development plan, to create more jobs. HudsonAlpha has had a significant impact of more than $1.3 billion on the state’s economy since 2006,” said Governor Bentley. “The new facility will lead to the expansion of research and discovery in the field of life sciences and ultimately generate more employment opportunities for Alabamians. HudsonAlpha is one of the nation’s leading human genome research bodies and I am looking forward to their continued success in the future.”

“It is wonderful to be breaking ground on HudsonAlpha’s next step in mine and Lonnie’s dream,” said Jim Hudson, co-founder of HudsonAlpha. “Lonnie McMillian and I want to thank the State of Alabama, Bill Propst and the Huntsville community for recognizing the power of genomics, the need for precision medicine in the state, and the importance of continuing to build a life sciences hub in North Alabama.”

Longtime HudsonAlpha associate company Conversant Bio will expand and move into the new building.

“When we joined the HudsonAlpha campus, we knew Conversant Bio would be at the heart of life sciences research,” said Marshall Schreeder, co-founder and CEO of Conversant Bio. “Being here has allowed the company to continue to grow and stay on the cutting-edge of research and connected to the needs of scientists around the world on a daily basis.”

“When we open our doors at 800 Hudson Way, the people of Alabama will have a healthier future, a vibrant workforce, and a booming life science business environment, and a reputation as a place that is using the power of genomics to solve some of the world’s most pressing medical and agricultural issues,” said Richard Myers, PhD, HudsonAlpha president and science director.

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