Former Huntsville mayor, Loretta Spencer, names media wall in the Paul Propst Center for Precision Medicine on the HudsonAlpha campus

Ms. Loretta Spencer, former mayor of Huntsville, has committed to name the media wall in honor of her brother and sister-in-law, John and Christine Purdy, in the Paul Propst Center for Precision Medicine. The new building, located on the HudsonAlpha campus at 800 Hudson Way, is scheduled to open in Fall of 2018.

Spencer wanted to be a part of the project not only to support the community and HudsonAlpha, but also to contribute to something that one day could lead to breakthroughs.

“I love science” said Spencer. “I have such an interest in science. I saw what my mother went through in her life. I wish she had been able to live long enough that we could have improved the quality of her life. Knowing that you are improving quality of life for people every day, I’m sure you are making a difference in some new person’s life.”

The HudsonAlpha Foundation is launching a campaign Decade of Discovery: Building for the Future to allow community members to financially support the work of the institute with naming opportunities across the campus.

“We rely on philanthropic dollars to help fill in the gaps that may lead to research that sparks discovery,” said Elizabeth Herrin, HudsonAlpha Foundation director of external relations. “Private dollars can support breakthroughs that help HudsonAlpha apply for – and receive – larger grants for our projects. We are grateful to Loretta for her generosity and support of HudsonAlpha.”

If you would like more information about this campaign, contact the HudsonAlpha Foundation at [email protected] or visit