Director of O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center speaks at research seminar

HudsonAlpha welcomed Barry Sleckman, MD, PhD, as the first in-person seminar speaker for the Research Seminar series since spring 2020. Dr. Sleckman is the Director of the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). HudsonAlpha Faculty Investigator Sara Cooper, PhD, hosted the seminar.

In his talk entitled “DNA Double Strand Break Repair and Cancer (Center) Evolution”, Dr. Sleckman discussed both his work as a researcher and his new role as the director of a cancer center. By initially studying the molecular pathways required for normal lymphocyte development, Dr. Sleckman’s research became focused on DNA damage responses and DNA repair.

During his talk, Dr. Sleckman also discussed his journey so far as Director of the O’Neal Cancer Center at UAB. He shared a number of successes and future programs that he hopes will not only strengthen the center as a provider of patient care, but also strengthen its collaborations with other institutes like HudsonAlpha.

To learn more about Dr. Sleckman and the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, visit the website here.

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