This is a time of unprecedented opportunity in genomic medicine due to the vast amount of knowledge that has been acquired since the sequencing of the human genome – a monumental achievement accompanied by the expectation that new knowledge and technology would be applied to improve human health.  Current research on genomic applications in medicine ensures that genomic approaches will play a role in virtually all areas of medicine in the coming years.

Advancing Leading-Edge Research in a Range of Clinical Areas

The Center for Genomic Medicine leverages the combined expertise of interdisciplinary research teams from UAB and HudsonAlpha in collaborative research initiatives focused in areas such as cancer, diabetes, cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, and pharmacogenetics with the goal of gaining insight into the biology behind disease onset, progression, and patient response to treatment.  Genomics-based tools have the potential to identify patients at risk for developing certain diseases, predict unusual reactions to specific drugs, and determine the genetic background for complex, multi-factorial disorders such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders.  The Center’s research initiatives are supported by the advanced capabilities and resources of the Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences at UAB (link) as well as the Genome Services Laboratory (GSL) (link) located at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.  

Consultation and Outreach

To advance collaborative research and education, the Center offers the expertise of our scientific team for consultation to clinicians, researchers, and others interested in genomics research and the integration of genomics into medical practice.  Members of our experienced team of scientists can provide guidance regarding methods for incorporating genomics into research as well as assist with development of grant proposals, study design, data analysis/interpretation, and genomic sequencing techniques.  In addition, we welcome the opportunity to consult with scientists who have an interest in participating in collaborative research.

Signature Research Projects

The Center is currently engaged in several research projects with broad implications and potential for developing individualized treatment approaches; to read more click here.