Merry-Lynn McDonald, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of Integrative Omics in UAB’s Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine and Greg Cooper, PhD and Devin Absher, PhD at HudsonAlpha received a grant for “Imputation and analysis of AGHI data”. The investigators proposed to input untyped variants using the TOPMed whole genomes as reference and generate a pipeline to enable GWAS analysis. Imputation of AGHI data will be performed using University Michigan’s Imputation Server which houses whole genome sequence (WGS) data from NHLBI’s Trans-Omics Precision Medicine (TOPMed) Program as reference. The imputed data will be analyzed in addition to called genotype data from the Illumina chip as part of a multi-ethic GWAS pipeline which will be constructed. Users of the pipeline will be required to prepare their trait data for input to the analysis pipeline. Imputed genotypes will be stored with the cleaned genotype data and made available to AGHI investigators upon request.

The investigators will be supported by Ms. Kumar, a bioinformatician at UAB.