Nita A. Limdi, PharmD, PhD, MSPH, FAHA, Professor, Department of Neurology at UAB and Devin Absher, PhD, Faculty Investigator at HudsonAlpha, received a second grant entitled “Leveraging commercial genome-wide arrays to enable pharmacogenetically guided medication therapy”.

Precision medicine efforts such as the Alabama Genomic Health Initiative (AGHI) and NIH’s “All of Us” are genotyping large cohorts using commercial genome-wide arrays. The investigators propose to leverage the AGHI cohort and the genotyped data from the Illumina Global Screening Array to determine the prevalence of PGx variants with high level of actionability by race and the actionability of PGx variants based on medication history, develop race specific metabolizer phenotypes leveraging multiple PGX markers and to develop a framework for returning results to engage patients and enable practitioners to tailor medication therapy and educate patients.

The research group comprises the investigators, Drs. Nita Limdi and Devin Absher, as well as a bioinformatician, a pharmacist post-doctoral fellow and a social scientist graduate student.