Devin Absher, PhD, Faculty Investigator at HudsonAlpha, and Nita A. LimdiPharmD, PhD, MSPH, FAHA, Professor, Department of Neurology at UAB, received a grant to develop “a high-resolution ancestry prediction pipeline for Alabama Genomic Health Initiative (AGHI) and HudsonAlpha GSL datasets”. The investigators, supported by software developer and bioinformaticians, propose to develop a high-resolution ancestry pipeline and web interface for visualizing ancestry results for a given individual. To achieve these goals, they have already assembled reference population data (WGS) from more than 2,800 individuals, including data from the 1,000 Genomes Project, the Simons Genetic Diversity Project and the Ashkenazi Genetics Consortium. This project will provide a platform for ancestry analysis that will be compatible with both GSA and WGS datasets, and will enable novel interpretations of the AGHI data with respect to population-based allele frequencies and disease associations. They aim to deliver a platform for scientific use, rather than reporting ancestry back to AGHI participants.

The principle investigators, Drs. Devin Absher and Nita Limdi, will be supported by Drs. Nick Cochran, Michelle Amaral and Matt Holt from HudsonAlpha.