There are many areas across the globe with an outstanding legacy within biotechnology. However, HudsonAlpha has established an ecosystem that connects academic research scientists, entrepreneurs, business veterans, educators, the future workforce, and those that are applying the power of genomics to human health and agriculture. This combination leverages specific strengths to make the sum far more valuable than the individual parts.

Strategic Location

Huntsville and HudsonAlpha’s biotech campus are strategically located for global visitors, a regional workforce, consistent supply chain management and to move your company’s products to domestic and international markets. With access to the interstate highway system, an international airport and multimodal center, and a key waterway system for cargo transportation, HudsonAlpha and it’s partners work to make your corporate goals become reality.

As an active part of Huntsville, the fastest-growing city in the state and one of the most lauded cities in the country, HudsonAlpha strengthens and diversifies the region’s economy and workforce. For your partnerships or the shipment of your products, HudsonAlpha and Huntsville positions your organization for success.

Bioscience Employers on Campus

The resident associate companies located at HudsonAlpha and listed here are working in multiple fields within the biosciences. These include drug discovery and development, data sciences, infectious disease detection and treatments, biospecimen analysis and procurement, genetic and genomic testing, bioinformatics, reagents and materials for research and genomic sequencing services.

Huntsville & the Tennessee Valley

A welcoming city, Huntsville has an accomplished record of attracting technology-based businesses and corresponding workforce. Building on a storied history in the nation’s space program, Huntsville now is home to global leaders in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, automotive and advanced manufacturing companies. Also understanding the need for a life/work balance, Huntsville has countless outdoor recreation options for enjoyment including mountain and road biking, destination golf courses and road running events. Complementing these activities, Huntsville has a robust performing arts and music scene. Activities that stimulate curiosity abound in Huntsville including hackathons, international speaker series, permanent and traveling art exhibitions, and astronomical events befitting the “rocket city”.

Our Support Partners

HudsonAlpha partners with local, state, and national economic developers and government agencies to support the development of HudsonAlpha’s biotech campus as a premium life sciences destination.

Meeting Space at Jackson Center

For HudsonAlpha associate companies, there are numerous options for meeting spaces and small events. For larger events and conferences, the Jackson Center, located on the HudsonAlpha campus is a resource for the associate companies.

Contact Us

Ready to find your space, grow your company, and connect with other success-driven biotech companies? Our economic development team is ready to show why more than 45 biotech companies call HudsonAlpha home. HudsonAlpha can accommodate the needs of your company in one of the four buildings on our 152-acre campus. Whether you need a desk, a lab, or a development site, let us know your area of interest and we will help make that happen. Email or call the Economic Development Team at 256-327-9591. Or ask a question and request information from Emily now on the lower right of this page.

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