BioDynami Corporation is a biotechnology company that provides innovative solutions for life sciences research and development. Currently, BioDynami is focusing on next generation sequencing (NGS) and molecular cloning. We provide reagents for NGS, DNA cloning, and PCR cloning. We also offer services for NGS library construction, custom vector design, and DNA cloning. Our goal is to provide the best solutions in the field to make Research and Development life easier.

Next Generation Sequencing

  • Quick and efficient DNA library prep reagents for diverse needs
  • Library quantification reagents
  • NGS services

Molecular Cloning

  • Effective and simple cloning kits for any type of DNA fragments
  • Cloning vectors for common DNA cloning and large DNA cloning
  • Cloning services

DNA Ladders

  • Ready-to-load DNA ladders: cover from 20 bp to 20 kb with easy identification band


  • Next Generation Sequencing: DNA library prep, sequencing
  • Cloning: any type of DNA fragment cloning; vector design and construction

Lisa Chen, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Jun Song, MD, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

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