BioDynami new technology cuts Next Gen Sequencing prep time by 50%

Huntsville, Ala. – Through numerous experiments, researchers at BioDynami, a biotech company located on the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology campus, found a new recipe for their Next Gen Sequencing tools. Known for high performance DNA seq reagents used by many research labs, BioDynami’s new NGS RNA Library Prep Kit has been shown to reduce lab prep time by 50 percent and cut total reagent cost by up to 33 percent. This is a breakthrough because most competing reagents cannot perform at such cost effectiveness.

BioDynami was founded by Dr. Jun Song. He began experimenting with formulas to make the sequencing reagents more powerful and eventually founded a company to serve labs around the world. After post doc and teaching at UCLA, Jun made his way to Alabama and HudsonAlpha. The NGS RNA Library Prep Kit was the result of many experiments. The new reagent was tested on several platforms with dramatic results in time and cost, which make the research more effective and efficient.

“We’re very proud of this product because today, so many solutions are dependent on sequencing, and this product will help sequencing labs get answers much faster,” said Dr. Song. “We were able to achieve the performance by modifying the recipe.”

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About BioDynami: BioDynami’s sequencing library products are being used by multiple clients in North America and Asia Pacific. They’re sold through distributors and online at  The company’s vision is to support the sequencing industry with faster and more powerful products.