Associate Company Spotlight: Serina Therapeutics, Inc. 

What is the name of your company?  Serina Therapeutics, Inc. 

Who founded the company? Dr. J. Milton Harris and Dr. Michael D. Bentley

When and where was the company founded? Huntsville, AL in 2006

What is the company’s vision and mission? To develop a superior polymer based drug delivery platform for the delivery of therapeutic molecules.

How did you get your idea, concept or technology for your company? This is based on experience. The founders and key employees of Serina had prior experience in this field. They were instrumental in creating another polymer platform that is used in 19 FDA approved drugs that have generated over $140B in cumulative sales to-date.

What is unique about your company or technology? The people and the science. i.e. experienced and dedicated people creating better chemistry that will eventually lead to better clinical treatments.

How many employees does your company currently employ? 9

Dr. Randall Moreadith and lab members

Where do you see your company in 10 years? In 10 years: building a financially independent therapeutic company that will have the ability to manufacture its own pipeline of molecules. This will also lead to growing the company beyond 9 employees.

What made you choose to locate your company at HudsonAlpha? The history and success of our founders in Huntsville and in Alabama; their relationships with the founders and board members at HudsonAlpha; and the desire to see HudsonAlpha succeed as a Biotech Campus.


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