By integrating our expertise in genomics, patient engagement and education, as well as clinical decision support, the HudsonAlpha Health Alliance, LLC works with groups such as health systems, physician networks, and self-insured employers to develop customized genomic health screening programs for their patient or employee populations.

These fully customizable patient programs can receive genetic testing for:



Unknown Disease


At the HudsonAlpha Health Alliance, we believe the future of medicine includes an integrated analysis of personal genetic data that will help guide care and therapy. Our Genomic Health Alliance leverages the power of genomics to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions based on a patient’s DNA.

Why HudsonAlpha Health Alliance?

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance is an independent, nonprofit organization designed to help groups and their members get answers that will provide ways to decrease healthcare costs and improve health outcomes. For the past decade the scientists, geneticists and physicians at HudsonAlpha have been applying the power of genomics to make advances in research and medicine to improve the human condition around the globe.

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