While Alabama is home to a host of STEM-related industries, how many of our young people truly see themselves in those careers? Academically, Alabama’s students have fallen behind in math and science proficiency. Yet the state is projected to need more than 850,000 STEM-related occupations by 2026.

Filling that gap and building excitement and connection to STEM subjects and careers is the impetus behind the development of Alabama STEM Explorers. Our hope is that this 26-episode series will both spark an interest in the study of STEM topics and inspire career exploration in fields such as aerospace, biotechnology, biomedicine, cybersecurity and advanced manufacturing (all industries housed in Alabama).

This creative series, airing state-wide on Alabama Public Television starting Fall 2021, will be hosted by a group of science educators from across the state of Alabama and co-hosted by a group of specially-selected students. Each episode will feature a spotlight on individuals employed in the STEM field in Alabama.

To learn more about the series and how you can support the project, contact Lee Meadows, interim executive director of the Alabama STEM Council, lee.meadows@commerce.alabama.gov.

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Alabama STEM Explorers is developed by the Alabama STEM Council and produced by Mike Ousley Productions, with support from Alabama Public Television, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and Southern Research.