Genomic Medicine Conference to offer adult adoptee track

HudsonAlpha will advance physicians’ and researchers’ knowledge of genomic medicine at the inaugural Genomic Medicine Conference August 8-10, 2016, at its campus. The conference is an interdisciplinary and international program focused on genomic medicine in a clinical setting.

On the third day of the conference, three tracks will be offered – a track geared towards physicians, a track aimed at individuals with rare or undiagnosed diseases and a track designed for adult adoptees.

Because adult adoptees often have limited or no documented family health history, some are exploring genetic testing to learn about their inherited risk of disease. The Genomic Medicine Conference will offer an outlet for adult adoptees to gather information about whole genome sequencing (reading one’s entire DNA sequence) and what this genetic information could potentially offer; additionally, attendees have the option of having their genome sequenced.

“When you go to the doctor, there’s always that section about your family history, but what if you were adopted and don’t have access to that information?” asked Kimberly Strong, PhD, HudsonAlpha faculty bioethicist and a conference organizer. “Family health history information often helps guide physicians caring for patients by providing insight to conditions that can be screened for. Through genome sequencing, adoptees may be able to answer some of those health-related genetic risk questions.”

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