Next Learning Camp session scheduled

Urban farming is the topic of our next HudsonAlpha Learning Camp Tuesday, March 22nd at noon in the auditorium. Feel free to bring your lunch to hear from HudsonAlpha’s own Vanessa Wamsley. Vanessa will discuss just what urban farming is, local regulations in this region that cover urban farming, and how you can get started.

Vanessa grew up in an agricultural area in rural southwest Nebraska. While she lived in “town” (population 240, depending on who was home on any given day), her friends and extended family lived on farms with chickens, cattle, horses, pigs and the occasional goat or donkey, and she was a bit jealous of their farm chores.. 

Until she moved to Madison, she didn’t have enough yard space to consider keeping any animals, but with her landlord’s approval, her family started a fairly large garden and began raising three hens. Her family would like to add one more chicken, bees and possibly a rabbit this spring.